2000 times Riff Raff: Sal

There’s a guy in Australia, called Sal Sharah, who has played the character of Riff Raff more than 2000 times! Can you believe it? When we’ve met Kristian Lavercombe, who by the time of the interview had played Riff Raff about 750 times, Kristian mentioned „that guy from Australia, Sal, you need to see him!“, so we reached out to our sources, eventually found Mr. Sharah rather quickly and invited him for an interview. So we’ve met Sal for a nice little chat about the early days of Rocky Horror, his very own interpretation of Riff Raff (he hasn’t seen neither the London show nor the movie by the time he played the role), his work alongside Reg Livermore, and what has changed for the good or the worse throughout the decades. It was an enjoyable hour, with lots of background information we wouldn’t have expected in the beginning.