Introducing Mr. Ralph Hapschatt

You have seen this guy a hundred times. Maybe a thousand. Maybe more. But do you know his real name? More or less incidentally we stumbled upon Mr. Ralph Hapschatt himself, Jeremy Newson. During the BFI Southbank event, we had the very brief opportunity to meet Jeremy and ask him a few questions about the filming, his role and the later succession of „Shock Treatment“. Filming his part in „Rocky Horror“ took only half a day, but never the less he has more lines in the movie than Pat Quinn. Ok, more or less. But it was a pleasure to have met him, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy his part in our documentary as much as you’ve enjoyed his role as Mr. Hapschatt. Think about it … without Ralph marrying Betty, Brad would never have proposed to Janet, and without the proposal they would have never gone to a journey to meet Dr. Scott. And without that road trip the tire wouldn’t have burst, they wouldn’t have searched for a phone, thus would never have entered the castle, and … — you get the idea. Well, thanks, Jeremy! Good job.