Meeting „The Man“

This man is a „cult classic“ himself. Lou Adler has been in the music and entertainment industry since 1959 (!), being a producer and director for many well known films and music bands. Without him, „Rocky Horror“ might have suffered an early death as a though extraordinary spectacular and popular, but only limited play in London of the 70s. Lou is mainly responsible for transferring „Rocky“ over to the States, producing the movie and, none the less, keeping it alive for more than 40 years.  Though not everybody agrees with the business-aspect behind it, without Adler only a tiny amount of people might still be aware of O’Briens masterpiece. Lou took the time to invite us to his studio way up the Malibu hills and spend an hour talking to us about the early transformation of the play, the failure and success of both the play and the movie in the States, and his intention of producing a re-imaging of „The Rocky Horror Picture Show“ in 2016.