An Original Punk – Kevin Short

During our last trip to London, in a typical pub somewhere in the suburbs, we had the pleasure to meet writer/director Kevin Short, well known through his documentaries „Punk Strut“ and „A Reel Life“. Being around the King’s Road some 40 years ago, Kevin is as punk as it gets. For him, „Punk“ is not an invention, an art or a contemporary fashion, for him it’s an attitude. Kevin was friends with lots of the actors and the creative team during the first production, saw the play in the „Theatre Upstairs“ and followed almost all of the later productions in the UK. Being a punk since his teenage years, Kevin knows best about the influences punk had on the creation of „Rocky Horror“, it’s style and it’s music. So, if you’d like to know where the raw and untamed sound and play of „Rocky Horror“ originates, ask him … or tune into our documentary.