Dr Laurie Marsh

What does the man who brought Disney’s Mickey Mouse to Great Britain, have to do with Rocky Horror? You’d be surprised! Being born in 1930, Dr Marsh produced the first portable raincoats for children (with Mickey-motives printed on them) shortly after the second world war. He later became a tycoon in real estate and produced more than 40 movies. During his time in real estate, the Assoldo (also known as the King’s Road Theatre) was his property. When the contract at the Royal Court Upstairs ended, Jim Sharman and Michael White were desperate to find another location for the transfer of the show, and were offered to rent the cinema by Dr Marsh. Being doomed to be demolished soon, the team took the chance, moved in and played the show for a larger audience for the first time. That’s when the cult for the show really began.

Being invited to Dr Laurie Marsh’s house in the center of London, we spend a very interesting time listening to Laurie’s interesting stories and found out a lot of things about the history of Rocky Horror which have never been published before.