Project Update 2020

And along came a bloody pandemic!

Actually our documentary was supposed to be finished by end of 2020, and we were right on track, when COVID-19 struck! So we had to cancel our very last shooting trip in April to meet with Sal and Lillias Piro, Dori Hartley and other first-generation fans, and postpone the planned interviews indefinitely.

And, as it looks like, there’s no improvement in sight for the foreseeable future. But, as  soon as a plan for a new trip to New York City can substantiate we will let you know and adjust our production schedule accordingly, as well as the release date. Meanwhile, please be patient and follow our Social Media and YouTube feeds to get the latest updates and some little scraps from the editing room floor.

It’s not our fault. Really. And it never was. But trust us … it’s gonna be worthwhile!

Your Rocky Horror Phenomenon Team